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001.Don't make noise.(音をたてないで)
002.Turn your volumm down.(もっと小さな声で)
    =Lower your voice.  =Shhhhh!
003.Be quiet.(静かに)
004.Be silent.(静かに)
005.Calm down.(落ち着いて)
006.Shut your mouth.(口を閉じろ!)
007.How many times do I have to tell you?(何度言わせるの)
010.Don't talk.(話をしない)
011.Don't speak.(話をしない)
012.Don't do that.(そんなことをしない)
013.Don't bother the class.(みんなに迷惑をかけない)
014.Attention, please.(注目)
015.Excuse me.(よろしいですか)
016.We can't hear you.(聞こえません)
017.Don't disturb the class.(じゃまをしない)
018.You should be quiet.(静かにしなさい)
019.You should listen.(聞きなさい)
    =You'd better listen.
020.You have to listen.(聞きなさい)
021.You had better listen.(聞きなさい)
022.You ought to listen.(聞きなさい)
023.Time to listen.(聞くときです)
024.Not a time to speak.(話す時ではありません)
025.What are you saying?(何を言っているの)
026.Please put your shoes straight.(靴をそろえなさい)
027.Please keep your desk lined up.(机をそろえなさい)
028.Please put your chair under the desk.(イスを入れなさい)
029.Please turn off the lights.(電気を消しなさい)
030.Please turn on the lights.(電気をつけなさい)
031.Please say "Hai."(ハイと言いなさい)
032.Please reply.(返事をしなさい)
033.Please answer me.(返事をしなさい)
034.First, tell us you name.(最初に名前を言いなさい)
035.And ask questions freely.(自由に聞きなさい)
036.Please copy the sentence into your notebook.
037.Please show your notebook
    when you finish problem #1.
038.And write up what you wrote on the board.(黒板に書きなさい)
039.Please write you name neatly. (丁寧に名前を書きなさい)
040.Please compliment each other.(お互いに評価しなさい)
041.You have to keep promises.(約束を守りなさい)
042.You have to be punctual.(時間を守りなさい)
043.Don't be late.(遅れないこと)
044.You have to meet the deadline.(締め切りを守ること)
045.You must turn them in on the time.(きちんと提出すること)
046.Don't forget next time.(次は忘れないこと)
047.You have to bring it next time.(次は持ってくること)
048.Quick, quick.(速く、速く)
049.Hurry up.(急いで)
050.Don't walk.(立ち歩かないこと)
051.Don't run.(走らないこと)
052.You should sit down.(座りなさい)
053.Have a seat.(座りなさい)
054.Not a time to play.(遊ぶときではないです)
056.Watch your manners.(態度に気をつけなさい)
057.Watch out.(危ない)
058.You should be polite.(丁寧に振る舞いなさい)
059.Behave yourself.(きちんとしなさい)
060.Don't relax too much.(リラックスしすぎです)
061.Don't sit back.(くつろいでるときではないです)
     Don't lean in your chair.
062.Sit straight.(まっすぐ座りなさい)
063.Sit properly.(きちんと座りなさい)
064.Look forward.(前を向きなさい)
065.Don't turn around.(後ろを向かない)
066.Sit face to face.(面と向かって)
067.Give me a break.(よしなさい)
068.Put your hands down.(手を置きなさい)
069.Please put your books away.(本をしまいなさい)
070.Get ready for the lesson.(授業の準備をしなさい)
071.Pick up your pencil.(鉛筆をもちなさい)
    Get ready to write.
072.Turn your navel to me.(おへそをこちらへ向けなさい)
073.Look at me.(こちらを見なさい)
074.Don't drop your pens.(ペンを落とさない)
    Be careful not to drop your pens.
075.Please raise your hands.(手をあげなさい)
076.Get in pairs.(ペアになりなさい)
077.Get into groups of four.(4人組になりなさい)
078.Smarten up.(きちんとしなさい)
    Do what you're supposed to do.
079.Put your shirt in your pants.(シャツを入れなさい)
080.Line up straight.(まっすぐならびなさい)
081.Pull up your pants.(ズボンをあげなさい)
082.Be careful about your personal apperarance.
083.Take it easy.(無理をしないで)
084.Don't over do it.(やりすぎないで)
085.Don't get so uptight.(むきにならないで)
086.Don't be so stiff.(かたくならないで)
087.Kick back.(のんびり構えて)
    Relax but don't relax too much.
088.Take your time.(ゆっくりどうぞ)
089.There's no need to rush.(あわてないで)
090.No rush.(あわてないで)
091.No hurry.(あわてないで)
092.Let's make up.(仲直りしなさい)
    Why don't you make up with him?
093.Stop fighting.(ケンカをやめなさい)
094.Let's talk it over.(そのことについて話をしなさい)
095.Try to get along.(仲良くしなさい)
096.Be nice to each other.(お互いに親切に)
097.You win.(あなたの勝ちです)
098.Let's forgive and forget!(水に流しなさい)
099.Never, never give up.(あきらめないこと)
100.Practice makes perfect.(練習あるのみ)
101.Would you like to share what you're saying to the class?
102.Please sit next to me. (わたしのそばに座りなさい)
103.Please move over there. (あちらへ動いて)
104.Don't talk back.(口答えをしない)
105.Don't be a smart aleck.(屁理屈を言わない)



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