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Q&A Children writing diary only with poor vocabulary

I am teaching 9-10-year-old class.
In my class, I give homework of writing diary.
One of the parents of my pupils requested me
“ My son has poor vocabulary and writes with only easy words.
Please tell my son to use school-leveled words.”
How can I advise the parent and the child?

For the parent, I replied as follows;
About diary, the first step is to get used to writing. The second step is to write a lot.
In the class, I teach children to write with school-leveled vocabulary.
On the other hand, when I give homework of diary, many cases children write without any help.
So I avoid pointing out the errors or poor vocabulary in their diary too much.
I prefer finding good points and praising them.

For children, I don’t dare advise children to write with school-leveled vocabulary.
When I find the child writing their diary with words with appropriate level,
I write messages for him to feel happy and motivated.

It is OK.
In addition, for children, you could say
“If you have good vocabulary or not is depending on how much you can output your vocabulary in your diary.
Let’s look Jane’s diary. She has a large vocabulary.
If you forget or don’t know the spelling, you check in the dictionary.
No doubt that extent your vocabulary.”

For the parent, it will be much better if you reply with more convincing story.
(by Naoki Nemoto translated by Mari Ohwa)



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