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TOSSランドNo: 6805355 更新:2013年02月25日

Q&A  P.E. Jumping-rope-level-card. 

At my school, children have jumping-rope-level-card.(level 1-35)
Should I give the children new cards at the beginning of the school year?

You should judge depending on the present situation of the children.
If the children are not very motivated because of the old card,
you can just give them new ones.

When I teach the same children again at the next school year,
I keep the record of the each child, and tell them to challenge the next levels of their card.
After one year, the card will be worn-out, so I give them new ones.
You had better avoid to tell them to make their records zero and to challenge
from level 1 once again, of course because they will lose their motivation.

It is not only because of the old card that the children lose their motivation.
Let’s look back how you give your jumping rope classes.
Check if your class is of high quality, if the children are enjoying your class,
and if you lead children to success.
(by Yuji Hoshino translated by Mari Ohwa)



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